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Dell unveils 2 new desktops – XPS 8500 and Vostro 470 in India

Dell Vostro 470 300x225 Dell unveils 2 new desktops XPS 8500 and Vostro 470 in IndiaStill the demand of desktop in India leading and there are many Indian who wants a much efficient and performer desktop. Seeing scope of this line, Dell India launched its new desktop variants- the XPS 8500 and the Vostro 470, experiencing users with fast accessing power and connectivity.

Adding up its line, Dell has assembled two new updated variables that featured with Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors also available on online stores at price range of the XPS 8500 is for Rs. 53,000 and the Vostro 470 will have starting price of Rs. 44,900. Read more

World’s first ‘biological computer’ entirely of DNA developed

Structure of living organisms is like a machine as a computing device. There are computing machines in which all four components are nothing but molecules.

Such type of “biological computer” has come that is made from biomolecules and can decipher images encrypted on DNA chips.

A well experienced team of US have claimed that it has created the world’s first biological computing system using bio-molecules.

During its research, scientists found that the biological computer, having suitable software, could decrypt vividly colorful images. Read more

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