Tag: Cybersecurity

Online privacy and the freedom to surf: an analysis of recent news in cybersecurity and data protection

This year has already seen two of the largest technological conglomerations on IT security and data protection in the world. Read more

Microsoft- Latest victim of hackers

Joining Facebook and Apple, the largest software giant Microsoft has announced shortly that it was targeted and listed in the US firms, the recent cyber victims. Read more

Apple, Macs hit by who targeted Facebook

Shockingly, the world largest tech company Apple have targeted by the cyber attacks and by the same hackers that infected social networking site Facebook. Read more

Facebook hacked! compromised by Zero-Day-Java-Bug

The world’s largest online social network revealed that its computers compromised by Hackers’ sophisticated attack, but they failed to steal any sensitive information about Facebook’s more than 1 billion users.

Read more

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