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Petrol price may be cut by up to Rs 2 from next week

A freshly report, the Oil corporations are in plans to cut petrol price to give little relaxation to the citizens; the reduction would be by Rs 2 per litre. On Friday after tabled a meeting of oil marketing companies, they are expected to cut rates because of declining rates of crude prices in the international [...]

Petrol price may cut by Rs 1.50 a litre from today

The hike of Petrol prices upto Rs 7.50 per litre last week, moved in a nationalwide strike, called by the NDA, Left parties and many key allies of the UPA on Thursday, hitting worse the transport routes. The government still with its node not to reduce the hike as long as opposition pressure, but source [...]

Oil Companies recommence oil supply to Kingfisher Airlines

Grounded airline, Kingfisher had a relief by making full payment to the oil companies on basis of that company on Thursday resumed fuel supply to it. The cash-scrapped career faced so many difficulties due to having disruptions in flights operations and resigning of its lot of staff members. One major recent problem came for it [...]