World’s biggest telescope given go-ahead

Now very soon it can be possible to put eyes on the sky capturing the most distended images of planets as the work to built the European Extremely Large Telescope ( E-ELT) will going to be started early may be in the next decade.

As per report, at its meeting in Garching, Germany, the Council of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) that has approved the plan to start work of E-ELTn set on the top of the Cerro Armazones Mountain in Chile, close to ESO’s Paranal Observatory.

The E-ELT is the world’s biggest telescope will support the very challenging M4 adaptive mirror, the largest a 39.3-metre mirror telescope.

Though, all ESO’s Member States have strongly in favor of the E-ELT project, but still the confirmations of the votes from Belgium, Finland, Italy, and the United Kingdom; other Member States to join the project; and for Brazil to complete its ratification procedure are needed.

Source said that major funding has to be committed within the next year, and early contracts for the project would be approved.

Such much innovative World-leading projects will surly prove an effective line to attract young people to make careers in an extraordinary harvest of exciting science and technology.

“This is an excellent outcome and a great day for ESO. We can now move forward on schedule with this giant project,” ESO director general Tim de Zeeuw told reporters.

ESO President Xavier Barcons stated a statement, “The project will keep ESO in a leading position for decades to come” as the work near by the route to the summit of Cerro Armazones is also started.

The most leading 21 century project, the E-ELT is likely to be completed in 2022 that will vast the application area of universe by explaining each and every unsolved question about its history.


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