AISSF considers legal action against Kuldpi Nayar and Publishers

In a sudden blow of Dal Khalsa, Veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar has stood in much controversial as well as difficult situation because of his recently published book “Beyond the Lines: An autobiography”.

Reports said, in the chapter “Punjab in Flames” of his recent released book, Nayar wrote sentences against former president of All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF), Amrik Singh and Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

Source said, as per Nayar’s allegations in his book, Amrik Singh who died during Operation Blue Star in June 1984, was “IB agent”, and Bhindrawale was worked for Congress for funding to slash Akali govt. he also has alleged that Gaini Zail Singh blessed the formation of the Sikh hardliner group Dal Khalsa to “needle the Akalis” on 13th April 1978.

Describing it as a character assassination of Sikh personalities, a huge ire wave has been raised in Sikh Federation and it would be burnt Nayar. As today AISSF announced to start a “Book Burning” campaign on July 17 in front of Nayar’s house in Delhi.

Nayar attempt to link the creation of Dal Khalsa to the Congress is totally baseless, as per Dal Khalsa’s source report.

“Our party came into being on August 13th and not 13th April as claimed by Nayar,” Kanwarpal Singh, a spokesman of Dal Khalsa organization told reporters while asking about Nayar’s statement.

As per AISSF, Nayar false allegations against Sikh personalities, is an attempt to damage the Sikh federation’s reputation. However, it warned the publisher of Nayar’s book, “Lotus Roli”, to stop selling controversial book, otherwise a legal action would raised against it.

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