Anti-Islamic Film Protest blow Greece & Hong Kong

Muslim Protest Greece 150x150 Anti Islamic Film Protest blow Greece & Hong KongThe wave of anti-Islam film protest reaches to streets of Greece as a huge crowd of angry Muslim demonstrators gathered in front of the US embassy building in the Athens, protesting against US based film mocking Prophet Mohammad.

In first protest, reports said, a big reaction of 700 protesters seen on Sunday in Greece, shouting with slogans “Allahu Akbar”, petting stones resulted a clash with police at the time police used tear-gas shells to disperse them.

Since past two weeks, amid anti-Islam Film protest has killed 30 people and more than hundreds injured across Muslim countries over demanding to take strict actions as punishment to whom make film insulting Islam.

On otherside, another protesting reaction has been seen in Hong Kong, thousands of Muslims clashed with policemen outside the US consulate against the biggest issue of anti-Islam “Innocence of Muslims”.

The anger of Muslim across the world never give a break, continuously hike with more and more fuel. Reports also stated that in Hong Kong around 5,000 protesters gathered to protest, prayed in the direction of Mecca, burn US flag and demanding to punish who insult Prophet Mohammad.

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