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Al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri calls ‘Holy’ war over anti-Islam film

Amid Anti-Islamic film “Innocence of Muslims” violence over mocking of Prophet Mohhamed that fired U.S. consulate, violent protest all over the world, Al-Qaeda is planned to hit out fresh series of ‘Holy’ war in Muslim world.

Appreciating the violent protesters calling them honest to Islam, Al-Qaeda Chief Ayman al-Zawahiri urged to continue their protests in violent form against U.S, threatening everyone’s future to be danger if they insulted Prophet.

Anti-Islamic Film Protest blow Greece & Hong Kong

The wave of anti-Islam film protest reaches to streets of Greece as a huge crowd of angry Muslim demonstrators gathered in front of the US embassy building in the Athens, protesting against US based film mocking Prophet Mohammad.

In first protest, reports said, a big reaction of 700 protesters seen on Sunday in Greece, shouting with slogans “Allahu Akbar”,

Furious Anti-Islamic Protest: US enclave burning in Islamabad, clashes with Police

Today, the Pakistani authorities called on two Army companies after more than three thousand protesters including student groups, erupted furious anti-Islamic film protest outside the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad.

To make control over angered crowd which marched towards Islamabad’s heavily-guarded diplomatic enclave, home to Western embassies, Pakistani Police aired tear gas and live rounds.

Naked Prophet Mohammad cartoons publication, anti-American protest high

Amid “Innocence of Muslims” furious anti-Islamic Film protesting over the insulting Prophet Mohammad in all over the world’s Muslim countries, safety of Americans is under the beneath, much threatening fact for US diplomats.

Now this time, anti-Islamic Cartoons edition comes as another publication contains several cartoons mocking Prophet Mohammed,

Prophet Mohammad Film: Afghan suicide bomber attacks foreigners’ bus

Amid anti-American furious protest, situation is tensed in Kabul, Afghan’s capital. Recent suicide bomb attack killed 12 people, 8 reported be foreign nationals working for an aviation company.

Targeting a minibus boarding foreign aviation workers, a suicide bomber driving a sedan hit vehicle into the bus in wake of attack,

Furious anti-American Protest in Kabul, attack US embassy

Breaking news, another furious anti- American protest targeted US embassy on Jalalabad Road, NATO based in Kabul, east of Afghanistan over anti-Islamic film produced by US based group, depicting the insult of the Prophet Mohammed.

With a rapid speed, anti-Islamic Film “Innocence of Muslims” protest from Libya spread across the world in a huge violent manner,

Anti-Islamic Film Protest: US consulate burning in Libya

Protest against a symbolic “trial” of anti- Islamic film produced by a US-based Coptic group turns to violent, killing one American official and a number injured during protesters’ march on the US embassy.

More than 2000 angry Egyptian Protesters stormed to consulate’s compound in the Libyan city of Benghazi, making an unprecedented security breach,

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