Furious anti-American Protest in Kabul, attack US embassy

Breaking news, another furious anti- American protest targeted US embassy on Jalalabad Road, NATO based in Kabul, east of Afghanistan over anti-Islamic film produced by US based group, depicting the insult of the Prophet Mohammed.

With a rapid speed, anti-Islamic Film “Innocence of Muslims” protest from Libya spread across the world in a huge violent manner, raising number of US embassies attacks in the Muslim Countries.

Reports said that more than hundreds of Afghan including about 1,500 students gathered  in front of US embassy, shouting with slogans “Death to America” and attacking American diplomats with petting stones, blasting cars, resulting ablaze and fire fighting between police and protesters.

“We will defend our prophet until we have blood across our bodies. We will not let anyone insult him,” an afghan protester told reporters, showing his ire in form of protest adding, “Americans will pay for their dishonor.”

“There were between 3,000 and 4,000 demonstrators. They burned some police cars, but we could split them up and prevent the insecurity widening,” Lieutenant-General Fahem Qayem, told reporters.

Meanwhile, the entire US diplomats and embassies across the world are alarmed to be on high alert.

However, yesterday after the Gulf province refusal to deploy US marines in the nation to protect American diplomats, the US state department asked some non-essential embassy staff to leave out of Sudan and Tunisia as Al-Qaeda has called for fresh attacks.

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