Chavez, cancer-stricken, allies re-elects legislative chief

Diosdado Cabello, a leading ally of cancer-hit President Hugo Chavez has re-selected to head the Venezuela’s National Assembly as a caretaker president in some circumstances.

Chavez is fighting severe lung infection, respiratory problems and has suffered multiple complications since the December 11 surgery. He is in Cuba following cancer surgery.

Amid growing signs of the postponement Chavez’s inauguration for a new term due to his illness, has raised the crisis in the country stressing unity and continuity in political reform.

“The president will continue being president beyond January 10, nobody should have any doubt about that,” Mr Cabello said after his oath.

The election of Cabello came after Vice President Nicolas Maduro has dismissed the opposition’s calls.

The ceremony was a “formality” and Mr Chavez could remain president and Supreme Court can swear in at a later date, Maduro said while joining other allies.

Meanwhile, in absence of president, Cabello would become Assembly president, the third most powerful figure in the government after Chavez and Maduro whom Mr Chavez has named as his preferred successor.

If Mr. Chavez has to step down due to be unfit to govern or not to be sworn in for his new term scheduled on 10 January, the Opposition leaders called for new elections that should be held in the South American OPEC nation within 30 days

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