Kashmir’s all-girls band calls it quit from dancing, singing

Jammu and Kashmir an all-girls rock band has decided to quit for any live performances after a fatwa issued against them by the valley’s Grand Mufti describing singing as un-Islamic and asked them to abandon it. Read more

Fatwa issued against Kashmir’s all-girl rock band-Pragaash

Kashmir Valley’s only all-girls rock band – Praagaash once again targeted by Muslim clerics, issuing a fatwa against all to condemn women performance in public.
Read more

Suryanelli Gang Rape Case set to haunt Kurien after 16 years

A long 16 years pending justice in Suryanelli rape case set to round a new phase against the 35 accused including PJ Kurien, the deputy speaker of the Rajya Sabha. Read more

Twitter Hacked! 250K users’ accounts affected

In the latest, a string of high-profile security breaches, the social microblogging Twitter has been attacked by Anonymous hackers this week, the company said late on Friday. Read more


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