Facebook hit with pornography

On Tuesday, Facebook Inc has announced that the images, Internet links and videos showing pornography and violence have hit some people’s Facebook news feeds in recent days, so it is investigating a rash of unsolicited graphic images that hit some users’ accounts this week.

The recent case is brought out from national capital (New Delhi) of the country. Such incident happened with the student of B.Sc and when he opened his Facebook account, he saw a porn site on his status in which marf face of user is shown with a porn star.

Facebook maker Andrew said, “We experienced a coordinated spam attack that exploited browser vulnerability.”

There are 80 crores users of Facebook and by such attack on account give a big loss to Facebook. Facebook does not know yet who was behind the attack and a motive was not clear.

Facebook users are now being afraid to use their site and some are planned to close their accounts.

Nyes said that Facebook engineers have been working to reduce this browser vulnerability.

Facebook and other “Web 2.0″ sites are easy targets for such attacks because they pull in a lot of content from outside sources, according to Paul Ferguson, senior threat researcher at Trend Micro Inc.

Ferguson gave his view against such route and said, “It seems every other day there is some new Facebook ‘threat,’ but this is just the new reality of Web 2.0 and social networking,” . “It is ‘low-hanging fruit’ for criminals.”

Man arrested for planning attack on L K Advani Rath Yatra


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