Facebook to unveil ‘New Home on Android’ at event, Is a Smartphone?

Seeming that time has come for world most popular social networking Facebook to launch its Android phones.

Facebook just sent event invitations to the media, making an announcement next week, on April 4.

The event would be held on its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., again and this time to show “new home on Android.”

However, no indication is what to unveils, but it has to say that the launch could be a new Android phone or a new Android app, hinting Google’s mobile OS will play a leading role.

“Come See [Its] New Home on Android,” reads Facebook invitation message via e-mail to media.


Sources said that Facebook will launch phone software based on Google’s Android operating system that has “extra Facebook functionality built in”, and interestingly, the software will be from HTC handset.


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