Google doodle Alan Turing’s 100th birth anniversary

Today, the home page of the major search engine, Google has tribute to honoured computer genius Alan Mathison Turing on his 100th birth anniversary.

As per its tradition, Google decorated with attractive doodle representing a functioning Turing machine, one of his most appreciated developments in computer science.

Allan Turing who is known as the founder of computer science, was born on 23 June 1912 in London. From initial stage he showed his interest in science and mathematics and as he grew his love towards these innovative developments also hiked.

His journey of life is full of several experiments and amazing innovative tests to designed many engines, also Automatic Computing Engine (ACE). In 1936, he developed a Turing machine, a computer device that manipulates symbols on a strip of tape according to a table of rules.

Because of his achivements in this extraordinary work to design such a paper in 1946 which is known as the first elaborate design of a stored-program computer, he was appointed Reader in the Mathematics Department at the University of Manchester in 1948.

The founder of computer science, who contributed in mathematics and ‘Computing machinery and intelligence’ and also played a significant role in breaking the wartime Enigma- enciphered messages, was also a victim of homophobia.

It has been said that in 1952, as per UK criminal act that was illegal at that time, Turing was convicted of his homosexual actions that he accepted to be chemically castrated which entailed being given female hormones. Just after two years, incidentically he committed suicide from cyanide poisoning.

However, after his death there was campaign in British and in 2009, prime minister of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown apologized for Turing’s treatment on behalf of the British government.

Just ahead of his 100th centenary birth on Saturday, Councillor Kevin Peel, Manchester City Council’s lead member for gay men’s issues, declared to be hounoured the codebreaking genius with an award.

The hounour will be as part of the Lesbian and Gay Foundation’s annual Homo Heroes Awards, that named after Alan Turing for people who help victims of homophobia.

Meanwhile, still Turing whose work is playing significant role, declaring him as a hero in the history of the information technology industry, was contributed in the creation of the modern computer.

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