World’s first ‘biological computer’ entirely of DNA developed

Structure of living organisms is like a machine as a computing device. There are computing machines in which all four components are nothing but molecules.

Such type of “biological computer” has come that is made from biomolecules and can decipher images encrypted on DNA chips.

A well experienced team of US have claimed that it has created the world’s first biological computing system using bio-molecules.

During its research, scientists found that the biological computer, having suitable software, could decrypt vividly colorful images.

DNA has been used for encryption in the past and such device help to decrypt a molecular cryptosystem of images based on DNA computing.

The design of device is based on design of English mathematician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist Alan Turing.

The Biological computer is a computing device with four molecules basis components. The input terms as a molecule that used for get predetermined changes, following a specific set of rules (software). And the well defined resulted molecule of this chemical computation process is called output.

The hardware and software of this device are complex biological molecules that activate each other to carry out some predetermined chemical work.

For working of device, there is a tube carry solution in which chemical components along with various small DNA molecules with selected DNA enzymes and ATP are mixed.

This computing is based on a solution that termed as a process of interactions between molecules. Desired result can find by tinkering with the type of DNA and enzymes in the mix.

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