Heavy snowfall in UK, affects flights from India

From last two days, the weather atmosphere of Britain has gone to adverse. Heavy snowfall and extreme cold blocked the transportation in Britain and people of the cities in their homes.

Such horrible icy conditions have died more than hundreds of people. The homeless population has frozen to death and also due to lived in unheated apartments and fire escapes shelters.

As per French authorities, the numbers of death due to horrible cold has brought to at least 306 across Europe. All the transportation services have been grappled due to heavy snow falls. Roads are blocked as covered with snow layers.

1300 flights has been cancelled that scheduled to Europe, US, India and other countries from London’s Heathrow airport. Along with it, other airports in Britain are also affected and several flights are scheduled to delay, while trains were also delayed.

As per authorities report, more than hundreds of vehicles were stand on arterial M25 and M40 motorways on Sunday night and people were in a force to spend nights in cars.

Minus 40 Celsius temperature has been recorded in Finland while minus 30 Celsius in many parts of Europe. Having major fall in temperature, weather office has warned people not to leave out from their houses and it is possible then tried to pay little attention to move out swathes of snow out of their house as British officials struggled to reopen the road.

Indian-bound flights: 9W117 to Mumbai, AC6004 to Mumbai, UA9822 to Mumbai, VS9117 to Mumbai, and IT002 to Delhi, all were cancelled. From the other countries, Flights from Rome and Amsterdam’s Schiphol airports to UK destinations and Saturday morning flights to Amsterdam from Birmingham, Manchester and Heathrow were also cancelled or delayed.

Airport Authorities would allow passengers scheduled to fly on Sunday to re-book for journeys between Monday and Thursday as of resolving the disruption in road traffic due to heavy snow fall across UK and Europe.

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