I’m Not Your ‘Bhai’: Dabangg Salman Khan

Just few weeks back, Dabangg actor Salman Khan said on the sets of Bigg Boss season 6 that he did not want young ladies calling him ‘bhai’ [brother].

It was the time when Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari came on the Bigg Boss 6, and Salman said, “I am okay with Dolly Bindra referring to me as ‘bhai’, but I don’t want Shweta (Tiwari) to call me Salman bhai!.”

Later, when the actor was enjoying his holydays in Dubai, he said that he has two sisters who call him ‘bhai’ and this is more than enough for him.

A friend of Salman Khan said, “Salman has told all of us guys that only Arbaaz and Sohail and his sisters will be allowed to address him as ‘Bhai.’ He is fed up of being the universal brother. He keeps saying he can never find a soul-mate if he continues to be ‘Bhai’ to everyone.”

Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty, a close friend of Salman, said, “It is true Salman doesn’t like to be addressed as ‘Bhai’ any longer. He is convinced it keeps the girls away.”

Another actor, without disclosing his name said, “Salman has changed. He has become progressively protective and guardian-like towards his younger heroines Kareena, Katrina and Sonakshi. But the flip side is, he now feels that if he continues to be the universal ‘Bhai’ no girl would ever want to marry him..”

Sonakshi Sinha, who started her career with Salman Khan in 2010 release ‘Dabangg’, and now worked in ‘Dabangg 2’ said, “All his co-stars call him Salman, so why should I call him anything else. Why is it an issue when I don’t attach ‘bhai’ to Salman?”

In a recent interview, Salman said, “All sorts of idiots call me that. Even rank strangers. Not everyone has the right to call me ‘bhai’. Kids call me, aye Salman how you doing…Mr Khan… oye Salman Khan, I love it. But when some people call me ‘bhai’ I think they are faking it. I hate it when some people call me Sallu. But when they call me that out of love, it shows. It’s the tone that matters. Only Arbaaz and Sohail should call me bhai.”

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