MS Dhoni, Hafeez play down Ishant Sharma-Kamran Akmal spat

It is known to all that the cricket matches between India and Pakistan is always the most watchful and high voltage match. In the same manner, high voltage drama occurred during the first Twenty20 match played at Bangalore between India and Pakistan.

Spat between Indian bowler Ishant Sharma and Pakistani bowler Kamran Akmal, however, captain of both the teams, MS Dhoni and Mohammad Hafeez said it was a minor argument.

However, when two cricketers had a little fight on the ground, umpires had to step in to separate them and continue the play. India lost the first Twenty20 match against Pakistan in the last over by 5 wickets.

The two got into an argument when Akmal was declared not out after he was caught off a no ball by Ishant, and was beaten on the next ball.

Ishant and Akmal got into angry words and wagged fingers at each other.

Indian captain MS Dhoni said, “It happened because of some misunderstanding between the two. The bowler said something else and the batsman understood something else. I am pleased that Ishant had not abused him. We will try to keep this in check”

Pakistani captain Mohammad Hafeez said, “We have come here to play competitive cricket and such incidents do happen. It is a part of the game. However, Ishant and Akmal ended the issue on the ground by exchanging smiles at each other.”

Meanwhile, Gautam Gambhir and Mohammad Irfan too glared at each other at the start of the match.

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