Nintendo introduces new Wii U Gamepad

The world’s biggest game maker Japanese giant Nintendo launched a new second generation successor of Wii console – the Wii U in a webcast ahead of the E3 videogame industry trade show in Los Angeles.

Addressing the E3 videogaming Industry show, Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata has given new details for their new generated home console, Wii U that is a new online strategy, similar of Sony Corp and Apple Inc.

Wii U will support near-field-communication (NFC) technology that enable it to joint with television make it TV remote control, will feature an internet browser that can be transferred to your TV. The GamePad can be used in conjunction with the original Wii’s remote controller, as well as the Wii Board, in accordance to source.

Dual screen setup console works as a6.2-inch (16-centimeter) touchscreen tablet as a main controller, serving online game play with or against one another. Acts as a “social window” to exchange messages between people in the belief that “together is better,” Iwata said, as per report.

Meanwhile, over $78.5 billion industry, it is difficult for Nintendo to capture the smartphones and tablet market with its latest Wii U console that has been redesigned since initial reveal of Wii. The late entry in the market as compare to its rivals may left it behind or may hard to generate profits.

But ensuring that the upcoming Wii U GamePad, the motion-sensing controllers attracts the lots of audience along with its inexpensively captivity on smartphones or tablets, Iwata said, “Some people may wonder if Wii U is a simple evolution of Wii or something completely different. I think maybe the best answer is both.”

Moreover, detail regarding type of games were not confirmed, but it has been expected that in addition, Wii U will provide amazing gaming experiences with the Wii U Pro controller a similar design to the Xbox 360 controller and with its social network “Miiverse” that will load immediately upon booting up the Wii U, and will show a gathering of friend’s Miis and other Wii U owners playing the same games.

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