Soha Ali Khan fights with beau Kunal Khemu over bold scenes

According to latest Bollywood Buzz, Soha Ali Khan who has been dating actor Kunal Khemu for more than three years now, accepted that she had fight with him over bold scenes in his latest released film Blood Money.

It is generally said that in a romantic relationship people fight on some very tricky issues, and Soha-Kunal’s fight is perfect example of it.

Talking to media Soha said that before doing such scenes in films, both partners must talk to each other. She said, “Otherwise Kunal and I would have very bad fights over the issue. I haven’t done anything bold yet, anyway.”

When asked to the actress about her latest tiff with Kunal, Soha said, “We had a fight about a particular scene, when I went to watch Kunal’s latest film. I don’t think any girlfriend would have been happy seeing that.”

She further added, “There is an immature kid in all of us. But I too am an actor. I should be mature or else I should not have been dating another actor.”

When asked to her about brother Saif Ali Khan’s marriage dates, she said that her wedding to Kunal Khemu will not be a state secret.

Soha said, “It becomes very boring when the media keeps talking about our marriage. Nothing earth shattering has taken place for us yet to keep talking about our marriage.”

In the meantime, Soha Ali khan is doing film that focusses on child trafficking, she said, “I am aware of the problems related to the issue. Still there were several aspects of it that quite shocked me.”

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