Sunny Leone is the best choice for ‘Jism 2′: Pooja Bhatt

From the Entertainment News, Pooja Bhatt has recently said in an interview that the Indo-Canadian born adult actress Sunny Leone is the best choice to play the college girl role in Jism 2.

While talking to media, on the sidelines on a function, Pooja Bhatt said, “We have done authentic casting in ‘Jism 2’. We have taken Sunny Leone because we want a girl who plays that kind of part and persona.”

Further talking to media, she said, “It is very important that you cast authentically. Everyone talks about out-of-the-box casting but no one does it.”

Meanwhile, the film Jism 2 will caste actress Sunny Leone as a Delhi girl who’s out of the university and goes through a romantic phase when her life is turned all over the place.

The 39-year-old Pooja Bhatt has not revealed any information about the lead male actor for the film.

Though, she said that she likes to connect with people who are genuine and daring.

During her address to media, she said, “People talk about Zakhm and then go and watch Jism. The point is that we have decided to attach ourselves with only those who are audacious, be it Sunny Leone or anyone else; people who walk their talk and dare to stick their necks out.”

On the other hand, Sunny Leone, a well-known porn actress, was earlier seen in the reality show on Color TV called Bigg Boss 5

Nevertheless, Sunny Leone has behaved very gracefully and without ever being apologetic for her profession. Possibly that is why she has managed to get the rold in Jism 2.

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