Kashmir avalanche: one BSF officer’s body recovered, six still missing

Having a rapid fall in the temperature of Kashmir that lead to heavy snowfall is affecting the life of people especially in Kargil where BSF officers posted on their duties.

As per report of as officer, due to massive lower temperature a mass of snow has fallen in the Himalayan heights of Kashmir that covered 7 soldiers in its effect. The body of a Border Security Force (BSF) officer buried under an avalanche along with five army men and another border guard who are still missing.

While the soldiers were clearing a road near the de-facto border an avalanche struck off.
Body of BSF sub-inspector that was hit by avalanche has been recovered and the rescue operation is till going on.

However the area that may affect by avalanche are of Machil, Gurez, Keran, Karnah, Chowkibal and Uri where the local disaster management cell has regularly been issuing avalanche warnings along with advise to remove falling snow from the rooftops.

Talking to Media, Lt Col J S Brar, spokesperson of the army’s Srinagar-based 15th Corps, said, “The avalanche struck a road clearing party near one of our posts at 7.20 am and a rescue operation, which was immediately started, is still on.”

Heavy rains, snowfall and drizzling are the part of Kashmir valley that deals with an avalanche and a ice falling. But 5 soldiers that are still missing is a sign of unprediction.

However Indian Army along with soldiers of LOC is on position of finding to the soldiers.

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