Bigg Boss 5: Sunny Leone minds being kissed!

sunny leone bigg boss 5 300x249 Bigg Boss 5: Sunny Leone minds being kissed!As per the latest drama played in the Bigg Boss 5 house, Sunny Leone, who is well-known due to her adult films, shower her uncertainties on being touched by co-inmate Amar Upadhyay in the house.

This is a quite a hard to believe like situation for everyone.

The whole incident took place when the TV actor had kissed Sunny Leone on her hand as part of an activity entrusted by `Bigg Boss`. In addition, Amar Upadhyay had also lifted Sunny Leone in his arms while dancing in the rain dance bash organized by the Bigg Boss.

In Saturday’s ‘Aapka Farman’ episode, the porn actress has showed her disapproval on Amar’s behavior, however,, when asked by Sanjay Dutt, the new host of the show, if she had anything to say.Sunny accused Amar of showing disrespect to her.

Moreover, the porn actress even confronted him for pulling Juhi Parmar by her collar while performing an act. Meanwhile, TV actress Juhi had already showed her disrespect to Amar Upadhyay and Amar had said sorry to Juhi for going overboard during his performance.

On the other hand, the Canadian porn star Sunny Leone stood steady in her stance and saw great support in Akshahdeep Saigal aka Sky who warned Amar to stay away from the women in the house.

A fiery dispute followed that enforced Sanjay Dutt to drag the topic and talking to the inmates during Saturday’s episode.

In the meantime, Amar was supported by Siddharth and at the end the so called “accused” had no choice but to bow to Sunny and ask for forgiveness.

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