Syria Bloodshed: Twin Car Bombs rocks pro-Assad Damascus suburb

 Syria Bloodshed: Twin Car Bombs rocks pro Assad Damascus suburb

Syria Car blasts 150x150 Syria Bloodshed: Twin Car Bombs rocks pro Assad Damascus suburbA fresh twin car bomb blasted on Wednesday in heart of Syria’s district rock President Bashar al Assad’s regime, killing at least 38 people and more than 5 dozens injured.

As per media information, two blasts have ripped in early morning at about the same time in a parking area located between two commercial buildings in the eastern Jaramana, most loyal to Assad, covering Syria’s Druze and Christian’s sect.

A huge damage have been reported including building destruction and blood shattered because of fresh voilence targeted to struck off Assad’s regime, a part of the 20-month uprising hit by Sunni Muslims.

This fresh attack came after as Syria’s new opposition group the Syrian National Coalition, firstly met in Cairo for meeting to discuss a transitional government formation against Assad. The Gulf Arab countries, France and Britain have already permitted their support to new Syria’s coalition.

“The objective is to name the prime minister for a transitional government, or at least have a list of candidates,” Suhair al-Atassi, new coalition’s two vice-presidents said, as per source.

Still, no one has come in front for claim of responsibility for today’s bloodshed by twin explosions.


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