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Google plans ‘X’ Phone, ‘X’ Tablet to take on rivals

 Google plans ‘X’ Phone, ‘X’ Tablet to take on rivals US based internet search engine Google is reportedly working on a codenamed “X” Phone.

Targeting highest share position in tech markets across the world, its recently acquired $12.5 billion Motorola Mobility is also with it, seeking to beat up top rival of Apple and Samsung.

Google Motorola is working on two major targets- Read more

Apple lost smartphone war against Google

Hitting legal war with Apple, the world largest search engine Google Inc put its upper hand in the smartphone market with Android as a US judge dismissed Apple’s case.

According to source, judge ruled against Apple Inc that it cannot pursue an injunction against Google’s Motorola Mobility unit. Read more

Motorola DEFY XT and DEFY Mini introduced in India

The mobile manufacturer company Motorola has recently announced the launch of two new mobiles in the DEFY series – Motorola DEFY XT and dual-SIM Motorola DEFY MINI in India.

The two new launched handsets are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, dust-proof, and come with a large battery. Read more

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