Google plans ‘X’ Phone, ‘X’ Tablet to take on rivals

 Google plans ‘X’ Phone, ‘X’ Tablet to take on rivals US based internet search engine Google is reportedly working on a codenamed “X” Phone.

Targeting highest share position in tech markets across the world, its recently acquired $12.5 billion Motorola Mobility is also with it, seeking to beat up top rival of Apple and Samsung.

Google Motorola is working on two major targets- one is on to sale proceeds of devices by carrier partner Verizon Wireless and another is on the X phone, as cited by people familiar with matter.

With a futuristic plan to introduce X Phone with its ‘imaging and gesture-recognition’ software, Viewdle, Motorola is also expected to make debut of an “X” tablet.

Reports are also that the upcoming “X” Phone from Google Motorola is expected to be out in market in the next 2013 year.


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