Vodafone India launches fresh international roaming pack

According to the latest business news, Vodafone India, telecom service provider has recently announced that the company will launch an international roaming package which will provide customers 60 percent discount on services such as voice and data.

In a fresh statement issued by the company, it said, “Vodafone subscribers can now avail international roaming services at 60 per cent discount rate for voice, data and SMS in one single pack. This discount offer is applicable across 40 countries on specific partner networks across the globe.”

Meanwhile, the latest issued roaming packages will be available till September 30.

In addition, the international roaming package will be activated with a one-time rental fee of Rs 1499 for one month.

While talking to media, chief commercial officer from Vodafone India, Sanjoy Mukerji said, “This latest offering addresses the latent needs of customers travelling to multiple countries with a single pack on one number and one-time rental, thus making international roaming a worry-free experience.”

After the activation of this pack, customers can roam internationally without having to pay multiple rentals, in various countries they visit.

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