Vodafone slashes 3G tariffs by 80 pct

The telecom company, Vodafone has yesterday announced that the company will cut 3G tariffs by up to 80 percent, now, the company joins the group of three firms that already announced the reduction tariffs of 3G.

The other companies are Bharti Airtel, Idea Celluar and Reliance communication.

As per new plans, the company offers 3G plans from Rs 25 for 25 MB data usage and go up to Rs 1,599 for 12 GB data usage. As per the pay-as-you-go for pre-paid customers, the rate has been cut by 80 per cent to 2 paise per 10kb.

Further, the company said in a statement that there will be no hidden charges. It said, “Additionally, Vodafone will now allow its customers to use data from their bundle package while on-net roaming across any location in India without any additional charge.”

Earlier, Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and Reliance Communications announced the cut in 3G tariffs.

While talking to media, the Vodafone India Chief Commercial Officer Sanjoy Mukerji said, “With the introduction of these plans, we aim at establishing a foundation for providing a 3G data plan for everyone, making it affordable to the masses in the country.”

Meanwhile, the central government had received over Rs 67,000 crore from the 3G auctions held in 2010.

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