Aamir to spread awareness about Malnutrition

Aamir Khan’s TV show Satyamev Jayate might have been not doing so well on TRPs but that does not stop the actor to approaching social issues with a vengeance on his show.

His dedication has motivated the Women And Child Development (WCD) officials to approach the actor to enlighten people about malnutrition. The news states that Aamir Khan will start the campaign soon now.

While talking to media, an official from WCD said, “The ministry has come up with an extensive campaign ICE about malnutrition which will be educational and communicative.”

In fact, the actor is doing the campaign for free and will be seen talking about the side effects and other problems with the help of the commercials and print ads. In addition, SMSs will be used to make people aware about the product. The campaign has been separated into three stages.

During the first stage, actor Aamir Khan will explain about the issue called malnutrition as not many know about the problem properly.

The initial commercial ads will present the actor Aamir Khan enlightening people about malnutrition. Next stage, people will learn how to tackle it.

UNICEF is also working closely along with WCD to look after that the PSAs go ahead in a perfect way.

Aamir Khan’s involvement in the project became known when he had a meeting with WCD’s minister Krishna Tirath.

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