Air India plane makes emergency landing in Pakistan

Air India Plane 150x150 Air India plane makes emergency landing in PakistanEarly this morning, 122 passengers loaded an Air India Plane bound to New Delhi made an emergency landing at Nawabshah in southern Sindh in Pakistan.

As per official source report, this emergency lading has due to a technical fault in its hydraulic system, while all the passengers and 6 crew members are safe.

However, emergency landing was made after getting permission of Pakistan authorities. As source reported, the captain of the Airbus aircraft which was going from Abu Dhabi to New Delhi, contacted Pakistani authorities to get permission to land at the nearest airport which was Nawabshah.

Talking with reporters, civil aviation authority spokesman Pervez George said, Pakistani authorities had asked captain to allow them to disembark, even they allowed Air India to send another plane to ferry the passengers and crew to India.

Beside this, the captain preferred to have the passengers remain on board the aircraft.

However, as soon as accident report, India is in touch with High Commission in Islamabad along with pilots over emergency landing.

Confirming media persons, MEA source said, “Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai is in touch with the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan Sharat Sabharwal, who is in contact with the pilot.”

Within a short period of time, a release plane, believe to be the private Shaheen airline, with material and men will be leaving Delhi to bring passengers back to India, source said.