Anna breaks unto death fast, now forms a political party

Now finally Gandhian Anna has a political party as Team Anna’s decision to end it’s ongoing unto death fast to play a political role by providing alternative to the country, has to be implemented today at 5 p.m. with huge support of political parties.

This time, Anna’s fast has broken at hands of Retired Army Chief General VK Singh who reached Jantar mantar on Friday.

Addressing the crowd at Jantar Mantar, Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal called fast abandon “a competition of first stage of protest” and now Anna’s team campaign enters its second stage for a big revolution by Anna’s political party.

“There will be no high command in our party, people will select their own candidates,” Kejriwal announced Team Anna’s intent to formulate a political party by asking from Janta to suggest a name for their political party.

Team Anna has no intension to win election, but want to “challenge the existing parties”, a complete different party will have to be given to country by being more transparent and democratic in its working, he further added, as per source.

Rampant corruption, Black money, land acquisition issues, creating a manifesto based on people’s views and various other problems facing by Janta were sounded in Anna’s fast stage at Janatar Manatar.

Now time has come to follow a move to ‘clean the system’ completely and starts agitation from both on the streets to inside Parliament, being made villages a part of it. Farmers of villages and each independent will now set Anna’s party agenda in progress.

“I want to tell the Congress, if they can pass the Right to Reject and Janlokpal then we will not get into politics,” Kejriwal added, as per media information.

Finally, Anna’s party is coming to hit challenges against Opposition parties. Now are easy are set to watch whether Anna’s political alternative will fight against corruption, change the system or dug under the burden of corrupts.

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