‘Butcher of Bihar’ shot dead; Ranvir Sena chief killed

Known as “Butcher of Bihar” the chief of Ranvir Sena, Brahmeshwar Singh, shot dead on Friday morning when he was on morning walk outside from his house at his village in Bihar’s Bhojpur district.

According to Police, it has in probe to find the gunman who deployed several bullets into him, killed Brahmeshwar on the spot at Katira Mohalla, 71 kms far away from Patna.

With aggression, the Sena supporters came on roads, fired buses and offices including two tankers and an auto and created a much sensitive situation. Even, Police has alarmed the Curfew in the town of Arrah, report said.

Singh whom people called Mukhiya ji, headed the private banned upper caste militia, is accused for murders 200 Dalits including women and children in the 90′s in many of Bihar’s deadliest massacres took place at the districts of Jehanabad, Aurangabad and Nawada.

The one most infamous strike was Laxmanpur Bathe massacres in December 1996 where atleast 61 Dalits were killed.

Mukhiya ji who was arrested in 2002 from Patna, was earlier released from jail in April, 2012 after passing nine years life imprisonment in various carnage cases.

He freed because there were no much evidence that prove case against him as the prosecution had failed to asked court to hang him till death sentence.

However, low profile Mukhiya ji’s murder is likely a hit of chief minister Nitish Kumar’s party that promised in 2005 elections to get rid Bihar of the communal violence.

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