Coming Soon, a Brain `Pain Map` to reveal level of Pain Intensity

As per latest reports, it would be now more easy to assertain the level of pain among persons and answer the long arounded unsolved mistry that why women suffer more pain than men, complaining pain in different parts of body.

This magic will come soon by a special brain’s “pain map” technology that will track responses and signals of brain to pain and map exact location of discomfort in the body.

Neuroscientists from the University College London Scientists are working to deveope pain map technology, utilizing brain-scanning that enabled them to measure that pain felt by patients.

The researchers explains that the patient depended pain measuring rating scale is not give exact outcome, also brains scaning technology assertain the brain signals to pain, but by “Pain map” after develops, to measure the exact casue and levelof pain will possible.

Over a mark instrument which will sove doctors’s problem, Dr Flavia Mancini, one of the UCL’s researchers said, “In the future, we see this as a way to track pain in patients as there is a signal in the brain that corresponds to the current pain the person is experiencing.”

“It could also provide a quantitative marker would make it possible to see whether drug to tackle pain is effective or not”, she added.

Even, person could also make a quantitative mark when their partners for exagrrate sympathy says suffering same level of pain that he or she tells.

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