Concerned about the regular fall in rupee: Pranab Mukherjee

In bad fall down in the India’s business sector, International Euro Crisis put its affect on rupee, weaken it.

For Indian govt the steep fall in the rupee was a matter of great concern and the Centre was trying to resolve the situation, said by Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday.

In front of media, Minister claimed, “This is due to the Eurozone crisis” that rupee has fallen sharply. He added, emerging markets such as Brazil were also experiencing a currency crisis.

As per him, the government is all rime keeping a straight watch on situation. “It is a matter of great concern. We are watching the situation. The Centre is not (sitting) idle. We are trying to resolve (the issue),” he added.

At Friday trading, threat was to falling down the value of rupee as it sharply fell to 54.91 against the dollar, hitting the doors of Eurozone worries.

From past few days, Indian currency value has been depreciated against dollar in the foreign exchange market

However as per analysts and investors, American dollar appreciated because of high demand from importers especially oil refiners with seeking effort to further strong dollar value, caused the steep fall of rupee.

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