NATO Summit: Chicago police foils terror attack

With a plotting terror attack targeted the President Barack Obama’s hometown Chicago where around 60 world leaders are expected to attend the Nato Summit, Chicago police arrested three members of the ‘Black Bloc’ group ahead of summit.

Amongst 60 world leaders, all those attended G8 talks have arrived there including heads of state and government from the 28 Nato in which Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari also included.

Nato summit dominated by withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan before 2014 with aim to agree on a common stance as the alliance prepares to hand over security duties to Afghan forces at the end of 2014, source said.

As per report, trio was identified as Brian Church from Florida, Jared Chase from New Hampshire and Brent Betterly from Massachusetts, wearing black clothes and face-concealing items during protests to hide their identities.

All three have been arrested on charges of attack, material support for terrorism and possession of explosives devices.

With appearance of one large unified mass, they also in plan to attack the headquarters of the Obama Campaign in Chicago, the home of Chicago Mayor Ram Emanuel and police stations, police said.

According to source, on yesterday, the ‘Black Bloc’ members were presented before court. The prosecutors said that as per probe the defendants are members of the “Black Bloc” group, were traveling together from Florida to the Chicago to give action to their committing terror acts and destruction directed against targets to the NATO Summit. In this target list, four police stations were enlisted to destruct the police response in way of attack.

While an illinois judge set bails for each of $1.5 million, All three men will plead not guilty at an arraignment set for May 26, Sarah Gelsomino, an attorney at the National Lawyers Guild told reporters.

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