France gets new President as Francois Hollande

As per Sunday presidency polls, crown of France President went to leftist Francois Hollande who is a champion of government stimulus programmes will take his dignity on May 16.

Declaring him the winner of polls, Mr. Hollande termed himself a way for Europe change, said, “In all the capitals … there are people who, thanks to us, are hoping, are looking to us, and want to finish with austerity,” he further said at Paris’ Place de la Bastille where all ages and ethnicities citizens celebrated his victory.

“Too many divisions, too many wounds, too many breakdowns and divides have separated our fellow citizens. This is over now,” Hollande pointed indirectly to the divisive Mr. Sarkozy presidency.

Mr. Sarkozy’s defeat resulted Europe debt crisis and cuts, also Sarkozy’s vulgar style and his sharp tongue that make him victim of a wave of voter anger. In a statement, Sarkozy had said if he lost, he would quit politics, but was vague about his plans Sunday night.

In front of supporters, he said, “I bear responsibility… for the defeat. I committed myself totally, fully, but I didn’t succeed in convincing a majority of the French. … I didn’t succeed in making the values we share win.”

As per Official polls count, Mr. Hollande got 51.6 per cent of the vote compared with Mr. Sarkozy’s 48.4 per cent, out of a total 95 per cent of the vote counted.

U.S. President Barack Obama congratulated Hollande for his victory, inviting to the White House ahead of this month’s summit of the Group of Eight leading economies at Camp David. After that, Hollande is likely to attend a NATO summit in Chicago, announcing to pull French troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the year, as per source report.

Holland is the second Leftist who is now post as President for the first time since Presidency of Socialist Francois Mitterrand from 1981 to 1995. Now his attention will be on parliamentary elections next month, June where he face Sarkozy’s conservatives as challengers and get full control over country.

From last few years, economic condition of France is not good; the country is under a really serious and poor situation in debt, tax reforms and divided over bad economy policies that harm its national identity. Market is downing and worried about conflict within the Franco-German that underpins Europe’s post-war unity because of Hollande presidency that called a “danger”.


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