Delhi Airport Metro Express to resume ops in August: Govt

As per latest report, reacting over its decision to suspend service of the India’s first public-private Delhi Airport Metro, the Union Urban Development Ministry today announced Line Station of Metro Express to be functional again in August after necessary repairs.

The suspension of Reliance Infrastructure-led Delhi Airport Metro Express operations will be temporarily due to having technical defectives in civil structure of high speed corridor.

The investigation regarding the causes and nature of defects in high speed corridor is following by team of Indian Railways, Delhi Metro and Reliance Infrastructure officers, and after finishing probing work, the Line would be resume its operations, just in 2 months.

Source said that the report would be submitted very soon in next 10 days and after that rectification operation will be processed.

Addressing a press conference, Urban Development Secretary Sudhir Krishna said, “The Reliance Infrastructure reported that there are some defects in the civil structure.”

“There are problems with the bearing which is the interface between the pillar and girder. Repairs have to be done below the girders and it is in odd kind of locations,” minister added.

There is no profit from high speed corridor linked with 16-month-old 23-km Line where trains are run at a speed of 105 km/hr. But, CEO of Line Operator, Reliance Infra, Sumit Banerjee confirmed reporters that commercial committee would try to resume work on the Line.

However, until repairs are finished, the committee will temporarily closed the Express services, in term of purely linked with safety of passengers.

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