Google doodles celebrates Gustav Klimt’s 150th birthday

Gustav Klimts 150th birthday 150x150 Google doodles celebrates Gustav Klimts 150th birthdayThe Google home page today reveals a painting of a couple kissing. The Google doodle is today celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of the Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt.

Painter Gustav Klimt is a reproduction of his most famous work – ‘The Kiss’. Some of the paintings of Gustav Klimt were counted as the most expensive in the world.

His painting ‘The Kiss’ is a 1907-08 oil and gold leaf on canvas painting and some thinks that it was his self-portrait.

Gustav Klimt was born on 14 July 1862 in Vienna. His father was goldsmith and they spent much of their life in poverty. He started painting from Vienna School of Decorative Arts.

Further, Gustav Klimt had a fondness for gold, silver and marble in his paintings however, not all his patrons could afford his expensive creations

Gustav Klimt had many lovers and one of them was Emilie Floege, a designer. Klimt was known for his erotic paintings of nude women. Just like fellow Austrian Sigmund Freud, Gustav Klimt tried to bring sexuality into public.

Gustav Klimt died in Vienna on February 6, 1918 after contracting Spanish flu during the 1918 flu pandemic.

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