Google gets Self-Driving Car license in US

In yet, Cars are being run by the human, but developed self-driving technology that guides a car without involvement by driver makes possible to prove “a car stunning on road without driver”.

Implementing self-driving technology, Google’s autonomous vehicles plan has approved by the US Department of Motor Vehicles, on Monday.

Finally, Google got the US’s first autonomous vehicle license to test self-driving cars on public street, and Very soon, Google’s Driver less cars that have crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and driven along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, will run on the Nevada roads, according to official source report.

Nevada legislature is the first law in the US that approved license for autonomous cars to share public roads. However last year, US authorities granted the law to run self-driven cars on state’s roads, but it permit on 1 March, 2012.

Calling the “car of the future,” Nevada DMV director Bruce Breslow said, “It gets honked at more often because it’s being safe.”

A “virtual buffer zone” around obstacles, makes it more aware than human operators. These are safer as being assembled with video cameras, radar sensors, lasers, and a database of information collected from manually driven cars to help navigate.

The company announced that more efforts are to be made by the state regarding license autonomous vehicles owned by the members of the public.

Over all, due to well modified self-driving technology, other car companies are in plan to get self-driven car licenses as Nevada legislation seeks to regulate autonomous cars.


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