Maldives set deadline over GMR Project

 Maldives set deadline over GMR Project

Over India’s termination of the USD 500 million airport modernisation GMR project, Maldivian government set December 7 deadline to take over the Male International Airport from GMR, a much threatening fact for Indian authorities.

Indian GMR Male International Airport authorities has rejected Maldives offer to accept peacefully it’s a plan to hand over the airport’s operations without any hesitations.

Meanwhile, reports said that to sort out the matter, there was a telephonic conversation between Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdul Samad Abdullah and his Indian counterpart Salman Khurshid.

Major fact is that still no action has been taken in side of India to aware Maldives with their displeasure after the termination of the project with interest.

“Yes, we will go ahead with the takeover of the Airport as planned and on schedule,” Maldive President Mohamed Waheed’s press secretary Masood Imad told reporters.

Maldives which has on November 27 terminated GMR project because of signed deal was void, has under much supportive domestic political pressures of the opposition the Maldivian Democratic Party and another is Majlis’s piece of legislation.

Even Maldives is agreed to compensate GMR about USD 400 million in case of termination as per 2010 signed contract during the regime of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Although, on Monday the Singapore High Court had stayed the termination by the Maldivian government, but Maldives cleared that the order would not be honoured. A communication letter will be sent to Indian Prime minister Manmohan Singh clarifying the country’s position on the termination decision.


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