“Naxals didn’t threaten me”, Italian Tourist Claudio Colangelo

The Naxals has yesterday released one of the two Italian hostages Claudio Colangelo. He was released by the Naxals after almost two weeks in custody.

After his release, talking to media, he said he wasn’t threatened. The Italian tourist Claudio, who was not in good health, was handed over to a group of three journalists near Kandhamal and thereafter they took him to Surada Police Station.

The Italian tourist was soon referred to a medical examination at the Irrigation Department bungalow.

After his release, he showed his happiness, but said that he was sad as his friend Bosusco Paolo was still in captivity.

Talking to media, said, “I am both happy and sad. I am sad that Paolo is still in Maoist captivity. I can’t comment on government’s role as I had no information on what was happening outside.”

Meanwhile, Claudio was handed over to a group of journalists by Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda.

On the other hand, there is no news on how and when his compatriot Bosusco Paolo will be released by the Naxals. Further, Maoists also abducted BJD MLA Jina Hikaka when he was on his way to his home.

It is said in reports that the release of the second Italian, Bosusco Paolo, depends on the 2nd phase of talks, if at all they begin.

The Maoists have said in their demands that state government should release of five senior Maoists including leader Sabyasachi Panda’s wife Subashree Panda.

Now, it is for the state government to decide whether the Maoists’ demands can be accomplished or not.