No difference with Arvind Kejriwal, our goal is same: Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare 150x150 No difference with Arvind Kejriwal, our goal is same: Anna HazareSocial activist Anna Hazare today said in media that he will campaign for Arvind Kejriwal if he contested elections against union minister Kapil Sibal.

Talking to media, Anna Hazare said, “I will tell Arvind, fight elections against that man from Chandni Chowk, what is his name… Kapil Sibal.”

Further, Anna said, “If he fights against Sibal I will go and campaign for him.”

He said, “So far, I have not found any faults in Arvind. He has sacrificed his family life to serve society.” Anna said, “It is not right to say he is driven by personal ambition. Whatever he has done, he has done for the society, there is no selfishness.”

However, when asked by media that why he was against Kapil SIbal, Anna said, “He was the first one to object to the Jan Lokpal bill. He said how can outsiders be in the joint committee. I told him, when the country became a republic, people became the ruler of the country and he was just a servant. Then he was enlightened a bit.”

Anna Hazare said, “It is not good for such people to be in the government.”

Further, Anna rules out any difference with Arvind Kejriwal and with any other member of Team Anna. He said, “I have no differences with Arvind… Why should we have any differences? They want to contest elections, I don’t.”

Arvind Kejriwal was an important member of Team Anna, the party created for supporting Lokpal Bill.

In the meantime, reports have said that Arvind Kejrial will announce his political party on Ghandi Jayanti, on 2 October.

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