Turkish army replies back fire after Syrian mortar strike

Amid Syrian violence in Damascus carried forward to its northern neighbour, Turkey as the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops shelled on Turkish territory, in retaliation for a mortar attack killing five civilians including women and children.

As per reports, the Syrian army has operated its second motor attack on Friday, and the Turkish military retaliatory returned fire attacks and created violent strikes in the cross-border affected area so far due to Syria’s conflict which killed 180 people.

A cross-border military operational Bill has authorized in the Turkish parliament that would allow raids at any point in the next year, appreciating by US and United Nation but strongly rejected by Russia.

Condemning Syria mortar shelling attack, Turkey Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Assad on Friday in a speech to a crowd in Istanbul, not to make a “fatal mistake” by testing its resolve.

“We are not interested in war, but we’re not far from it either,” he said, adding, “When they say ‘if you want peace, prepare for war’ it means that when the time comes, war becomes the key to peace.”

Meanwhile, Assad’s close ally Turkey which allow sheltering more than 90,000 Syrian refugees, is now come ahead to condemned Assad and calling for his exiting from country.

Syria has agreed to order its forces warplanes and helicopters not to enter border area within 10 km of the Turkish border which would open doors for Rebels to come freely against Syria long standing bloody regime.

On Thursday, rebels announced capturing of an air military base with missiles outside Damascus and same day a video footage uploaded on YouTub, showing dozens of rebels in army dressed struck a military helicopter and buried in Damascus.

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