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Apple targets more Samsung products

Apple vs Samsung 150x150 Apple targets more Samsung productsLooking forward to take advantage on a major legal win over its rival Samsung Electronics Ltd, Apple Inc has now asked the central court in a separate case to look after a matter of four more Samsung products, also Samsung Galaxy S III.

In February 2012, Apple said in its case that around 17 Samsung products copies breach its patents. Read more

Apple and Samsung: Secret information leaked

Apple and Samsung, the most two successive technology firm, are always beat each other by claiming that one is copying to other. This copyright issue is passing from last many months.

There are many cases regarding their patent disputes running in the US, Japan, France, Germany and Australia. According to financial report, Apple Company is ready to be fighting with Samsung in form of 19 lawsuits in 12 courts in nine countries.

In April of this year, Apple sued Samsung by putting a claim to be copied its designs of iPod and iPhone. Meanwhile the ban on the sales of both competing smartphones and tablets has been put on.

But now In US District court, Apple suggested Samsung by issuing a legal brief as its patent lawsuit that how he could choose alternate design for its Smartphones. Read more

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