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Twitter intros ‘Vine’ video sharing app

Micro blogging platform Twitter has launched a new app streaming video service for smartphones, called Vine, foray of a new thread which hit modern generation to experience much more fast social network. Read more

Google Maps back on iPhone

Google Maps iPhone App 150x150 Google Maps back on iPhoneThe world’s best online mapping system Google Maps have made its comeback to the iPhone platform as launching the Google Maps for iPhone App.

Best offer for Apple users and critics has come nearly three months after Apple replaced Google Maps by its own map software into the latest version of its iOS.

Just within few hours of Google Maps’ iPhone App launch, it ranked top free app in Apple’s iTunes store, most appreciated by users with a five-star rating, source said. Read more

A smartphone app that tracks battlefield objects

Smartphones 150x150 A smartphone app that tracks battlefield objectsNow new software has come that has ability to analyze exact location, speed as well as direction of fast moving objects which is far away.

As per reports, this smart smartphone app that users to fix the location of their enemies, is developed by the University of Missouri researchers, can be used by everyone could be used by everyone, even golfers and soldiers, due to excellent device’s Global positioning system (GPS) and imaging abilities. Read more

Facebook introduces new Camera iPhone app

The world biggest social networking site, Facebook is ready to go ahead with its long future plans. Being one step forward just after a week to publish initial public offering IPO, on Thursday, Facebook launched its new photo sharing smartphone app.

The app, called Facebook Camera, facilitates fast access of Facebook photos and helps to share multiple photos all at once instead of having to post one at a time. Read more

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