A smartphone app that tracks battlefield objects

Now new software has come that has ability to analyze exact location, speed as well as direction of fast moving objects which is far away.

As per reports, this smart smartphone app that users to fix the location of their enemies, is developed by the University of Missouri researchers, can be used by everyone could be used by everyone, even golfers and soldiers, due to excellent device’s Global positioning system (GPS) and imaging abilities.

In case of soldier who need “a range-finder, compass, GPS and other tools to do reconnaissance before calling in an air strike” in battlefield.

Then this smartphone’s software can facilitate all those required “instruments in one device that can be purchased off the shelf”, even after war, soldier can use same device to protect “his family by clocking a speeder near her children’s school and catching the culprit on video,” Qia Wang, doctoral student at the University of Missouri College of Engineering told reporters.

The latest location target fixing app can track the latitude and longitude of the targeted location as well as target of unknown size, even it can compute the speed of moving object based on a video, but one should be aware that camera and GPS would be excellent.

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