Veena Malik taste the Zaika Of Bihar

Bollywood Damsel Veena Malik tasted the food of Patna. She reached capital of Bihar for an inauguration of restaurant where she tried to make some roti’s with her hand.

Veena tasted the zaika of bihar and shows her interest to work in Bhojpuri movie as soon as possible.

Veena Malik said, “This is my first trip to patna where i inaugurated a restautrant named angeethi. I grew up listening to a hit Bollywood song “Mumbai se gayi puna, puna se gayi dilli, dilli se gayi patna” and since I m here in India.I always wanted to go to patna. And today i am here. I have received more love and care what i expected from Patna.and i wish to come here over and again.”

Veena make her first ever visit to patna and praised the work done by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar for the development of the state and she said his visit to Pakistan next month is eagerly awaited by the people there.”

The actor said that RJD president Lalu Prasad was quite popular in her country and she had met him in the past.”

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