Aamir has set high standards in Bollywood: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood action hero, Akshay Kumar has recently said in an interview that he isn’t at peace yet, as pressure has been built since the release of Aamir Khan’s Ghajini movie.

However, Akshay Kumar have crossed 100-crore mark with his film Rowdy Rathore and Housefull 2 but the actor is still not satisfied.

Talking to media, he said, “Forget the monkey, I feel like I have been carrying King Kong on my back ever since the release of that first film (Ghajini) which smashed the 100 crore mark a few years back. Aamir has set some high standards.”

Further, Akshay Kumar said, “In this industry it’s never about what you have accomplished in the past. If you are not breaking records or setting trends today, you are in trouble.”

Aamir’s Ghajini was released in 2008 and later Aamir’s 3 Idiots also established new records at the box office. The 44-years-old actor, Akshay Kumar said, “One has to stay in the game for it’s a hard monkey chain to climb if you don’t. Moreover, there is no such thing as free bananas in this line of business. I know that without a blink of an eye, my happiness can be taken away from me at any moment. This is how nature works.”

Talking about his new release, Joker, movie, the actor said that it is a world of mysteries and lies. He said, “It’s an intelligent script which is created to make the audience step out of the norm and lose themselves in the world of mysteries and lies. However, that’s only if their minds can allow them to do so. It’s a humble rural sci-fi full of madness, jokes, love and adventure.”

“It’s something fun and exciting for the families to enjoy. Sometimes that’s more important than going for an obvious wannabe blockbuster,” said Akshay Kumar.

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