Chilli powder is a woman’s new weapon in Mumbai

As the crime against women and ladies are growing in the national capital everyday, Thane police commissioner KP Raghuvanshi has advised them to carry chili powder for self-defence.

The police commissioner was addressing the gathering of female students in Dombivili on Wednesday. He said, “Women should keep with them a packet of chilli powder and make use of it, if attacked by anti-social elements.”

Meanwhile, a 19-years-old boy was killed in the city by four youths for allegedly trying to stop them from teasing a girl.

The police chief said, “Women have had enough. It’s time for them to act now. They should learn self-defence skills and in case, anyone misbehaves with them, be it a known or unknown person, they should inform the elders about the same”

Talking about the security situation in Dombivili, the police chief said that around 100 police officials have been deployed to control crime.

He said, “Beat marshals are provided with modern communication devices for the purpose.”

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