Don’t give mobile phones to girls: Rajpal Singh Saini

According to fresh news, the Bahujan Samaj Party MP Rajpal Singh Saini has recently said in an interview that party workers should not give their mobile numbers to children, especially girls.

Further, Rajpal Singh Saini went on to say that he once advised a father, already traumatised by the kidnapping of his daughter, that giving mobiles to girls only invites trouble.

Talking to media at a rally in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, Rajpal Singh Saini said, “I say this in every speech. Do not give mobile phones to children, especially girls. What work of theirs will stop if they do not have mobile phones. Our mothers and sisters did not have mobile phones; did they die because of it.”

Later, the BSP leader added that he meant was that students of a certain age should not be given mobile phones.

He said, “What I am saying is that students should not be given mobile phones. It is the age to study, and mobile phones are a distraction.”

“Due to mobile phones, they lose their way and do not focus on their studies,” he added.

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