DRDO’s Nag anti-tank missile fails in user trials

The third generation missile of DRDO, Nag anti-tank missile has once again failed in its trials held in Rajasthan in presence of senior Army and DRDO officials.

The work of long waited missile developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program initiated in 1980s is completely disappointed the Army, giving only a 25 % successful trial, failing the target.

Meanwhile, unhappy Army will have to wait for more few years for induction of long delayed Nag which it has already placed an order of 400 missiles and about 13 Namicas.

Reports said, even NAMICA, a modified Russian-origin BMP-II personnel missile carrier is also disappointed by its performance in water during trials, there are still many modification needed to be done and so this is under- performed.

DRDO sources said, 4 Nag missiles tested for trials held at the Mahajan firing range, put of which only 3 were failed and one could hit the target. They reasoned technical faults, deviations in engine of NAMICA on-board the weapon for this.

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